East Greenwich School Committee
School Building Oversight Committee


One Proposal for a Future Elementary School

Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing input and oversight relative to the effect of a Master Planning Project on the community.
  • Examining the Master Plan scope, designs, construction plans, and budget for reasonableness and compliance;.
  • Recommending a Master Plan Project to the School Committee and the Town Council for approval and submission to RIDE.


8/14/2022   August 13, 2022 Grade Planning Presentation


Three Additional Elementary School Options

Starting in September 2021, the Facilities Committee considered several Masterplan options, each contemplating various grade level configurations.

In prioritizing options, the Committee considered project goals and parameters established through Teacher and Community Visioning and surveys, as well as seeking alignment with the Strategic Plan.

8/13/2022   March 10, 2022 Presentation: EGHS Addition/Renovation


Master Planning Approach - EGHS Addition/Renovation

8/11/2022 Nicole Bucka's Video

Summary of Three Years of Capital Improvement Planning

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A summary of the work leading up to and culminating in the presentation to the School Committee on 3/29/2022.

7/1/2022 Eldredge Options


Eldredge Options

3/10/2022   SBC Master Plan Options Presentation - Elementary Schools


Master Planning Approach - Option 4: Newer and Fewer

12/08/2021   Enrollment Forecast

Mckibben forecast

Cropper/McKibben Enrollment Forecast

  Based on the Cropper/McKibben12/08/2021 Demographic Study Report

9/10/2020 Facilities Condition Assessment

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In 2017, a newly constituted Facilities Committee began working with representatives of the School Committee, school department administration, town and consultants to understand the school facilities repair and expansion needs.

Through that process, it became clear that many school buildings are in need of immediate attention to provide sufficient and adequate space to support the quality of educational programs offered by the Town.

The Facilities Committee advertised for a facilities consultant to assist with the review of building space programs and the development of conceptual alternatives for the various projects under consideration.

Following this public Request for Qualifications process, East Greenwich School Department (EGSD) selected Colliers Project Leaders to develop a comprehensive master plan to identify the district-wide facilities-related needs and develop options for addressing them.

Colliers proposed a process comprised of for distinct, yet inter-related, studies to collect data: Facilities Conditions Assessment, Space Quantification & Utilization Analysis, Program Modernization Planning, and Enrollment Impact Analysis. The integration of these endeavors will form the basis of the master plan to guide future capital investments in the schools.

The Facilities Conditions Assessment (FCA) is an evaluation of the East Greenwich schools to identify the deferred maintenance exposures across the buildings and grounds. Colliers’ FCA findings are contained in this report.

Full 9/10/2020 Facilities Condition Report (pdf)

7/22/2020 Space Utilization Findings

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Space Utilization Analysis Foils

Full 7/22/2020 report (pdf)