Body Dysmorphic Disorder Research

Nameplate I had the great privilege of working as a part-time statistician for the Body Image Program under principal investigator Katharine A. Phillips, MD, for twelve years beginning in 2005.

I was initially hired because of my experience with SAS to maintain a collection of SAS routines used to extract data from a MUMPS database maintained by the Brown university Biostatistics unit. The MUMPS database contained data from a multi-year prospective study of the course of BDD that contained more than 200 subjects.

Each time an additional few months of followup data became available, one of my duties was to update the SAS and MUMPS routines to handle the additional data, which required about 40 hours of coding. I eventually replaced the 6,000 lines of code I inherited with 145 lines of MUMPS code and a table that was maintenance free and ran in 20 minutes.

In addition to supporting the periodic data extractions, I worked with and extended a collection of SAS programs used to data analysis in support of research publications based on the data, and supervised several Stonehill math students who did internships working on the data.

In 2014, I presented the poster below at the Brown Institute for Brain Research Mind-Brain Research Day and at the International OCD Foundation conference. IOCDF Poster